Norsk Energi celebrates 100 years anniversary

Monday, 22 February 2016.

Norsk Energi has ever since its establishment in 1916 been a leading centre of competence within thermal energy. Our skilled engineers have for 100 years provided consulting services to industrial and energy companies, public authorities and governments to promote the efficient, environmentally friendly and safe use of energy.

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Norsk Energi is organized as an association and it was founded on 16 March 1916 under the name Norwegian Steam Boiler Association. Originally there were only members of the paper and pulp industry, but already in 1918 other industries started joining Norsk Energi. The association has had and has members from all branches of industry, shipping companies, oil companies, district heating companies and municipalities.

Although our professional competence profile has been reasonably unchanged for 100 years, markets have been constantly changing in line with industry development. Most industries experienced growth, stagnation, crises and decline. Norsk Energi's ability to succeed in 100 years has two major explanations:

  • Continuity within area of expertise (the ability to maintain and develop knowledge on thermal energy)
  • Market adaptive flexibility (the ability to see and adapt changes in the market)

During such a long time period have different industries branches undergone several periods of growth and crisis. Pulp and paper industry was for many years one of the cornerstones for the Norwegian Steam Boiler Association / Norsk Energi, but already from about 1970 number of businesses declined dramatically. Food industry and other smaller and medium sized industry has throughout the 100-year period been important. Aluminum and ferro-alloy industry expanded sharply in the period 1950-1970, and is still a important client, especially in the recycling of waste heat.

Development of district heating expanded greatly in the 80s, took almost a time-out in the 90s, and went into a new strong expansion from about 2000. District heating has been for the last ten years and still is the main market for Norsk Energi.

We are a centre of expertise in thermal energy and have also been involved in designing the most energy centers in the largest district heating plants in Norway. This means that we have good knowledge of both large heat pump systems, boiler systems for wood waste, wood chips and wood powder. In addition, we have great expertise in the combustion of bioil, biogas, gas and light oil. In recent times we have also planned several large heating plants based on electricity. Norsk Energi has engineered most of waste heat projects from industry for district heating purposes.

We have been involved in several major heat recovery projects in Norway, Canada, Russia and China to produce electricity or steam from heat recovered from the exhaust gases of smelters. We recently involved in several projects for energy efficiency upgrade in public buildings both in Norway and several European countries.

Our main task and purpose in all year was to save and recycle energy. We have in recent years conducted over 70 energy projects for the industrial, energy companies and municipalities with a focus on identifying effective measures to ensure efficient, environmentally friendly and safe use of energy.

There are currently 85 companies in Norway who are our members. More information on membership benefits, enrollment opportunity and the membership can be found at

Norsk Energi holder til i Hoffsveien 13 på Skøyen i Oslo. Norsk Energi at Skøyen in Oslo.


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