Leaders in thermal energy production

Norsk Energi has extensive experience with power and thermal energy generation, including:

  • Waste heat recovery from flue gases and other sources;
  • Steam turbines;
  • Cogeneration;
  • Oil and/or electricity based systems; and
  • Gas turbines and motors.

In all these areas, we assist with the development of feasibility studies, technology selection, engineering and process design, project management, commissioning and training; whether it be for construction of new installations, or upgrading / reconstructing existing systems.

With increasing energy prices, energy recovery from exhaust gases, fuel gas and other sources is becoming increasingly attractive for power production. With extensive experience in Norwegian smelter works, Norsk Energi are world leaders in the field. In addition to being economically attractive and profitable, such project also result in a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Norsk Energi has a broad experience of working with systems that utilise high temperature exhaust gases from gas turbines for power generation, both on- and off-shore. Another current focus area is the use of cogenerationsystems utilising natural gas for local heat and power production. We can provide extensive expertise on such projects.

With our long history of working in industry, we can act as advisors and project managers for oil and gas fired boiler plants, electric boilers and use of steam turbines for industrial processes. Transition from using oil fired to gas fired boiler plants is also a current area of interest for Norsk Eenrgi. It is important in such projects to obtain advice on selection of boilers, burners and design of process modifications.