Assistance in system auditing

Norsk Energi assists both small and large companies in auditing of their HSE systems.

Auditing of HSE is an evaluation of practices and procedures, as well as an assessment of contributions to improving safety in the work environment.

According to internal management system regulations, audits should be conducted annually: “In addition to the regular follow-up activities, the entity must, at least once a year, conduct a more comprehensive review (system audit) of the health, safety and environment systems, and evaluate whether it works in practice”.

Public inspection authorities can undertake an external audit of a HSE system; however the company is also required to undertake an internal audit. An internal audit (review of HSE work) should highlight both weaknesses and positive factors associated with the work environment. In addition it should assist in increasing knowledge and expertise, give an overview of the system and provide a basis for further planning.

HSE system audits can be performed with emphasis on management of:

  • Technical safety / personnel safety;
  • Health and work environment;
  • External environment;
  • Reliability; and
  • Quality.