Boiler and steam technology specialists

The production and utilisation of steam has been a focus area for Norsk Energi over our 90 year history

We consider ourselves to be Norway’s leader for industrial boiler systems and use of steam in process industries. With expertise in areas including thermodynamics, and boiler and steam engineering, we are able to provide complete solutions for steam and condensate systems, both for green-field and existing facilities.

damp_kondensat_artikelIn addition to engineering and design of steam systems, our services include feasibility studies, specification and procurement of equipment, trouble-shooting, control of steam systems, project management, piping calculations and water treatment.

We perform process modelling under different operational conditions, as well as assisting in the drafting of process flow-sheets and calculations associated with high temperature, high pressure equipment. All calculations are conducted in accordance with government requirements and regulations.

As a complete consultant in boiler systems, we work in all fields associated with existing installations, from oil and gas fired systems, to electric and biomass boilers as well as end use equipment utilising the steam. We work extensively with piping systems, heat exchangers, driers and evaporation systems. It is important for Norsk Energi is independent of equipment suppliers to ensure all consulting services are provided based on technical and professional experience.

Norsk Energi is also the leading organiser of boiler operator training and refresher courses.