Covering everything in thermal renewable energy

Production and distribution of renewable energy is one of Norsk Energi’s core areas of expertise. 

Our expertise covers all forms of current renewable energy sources, including:


  • Bio-fuels and biogas
  • Waste
  • Waste heat
  • Heat pumps utilising sewage, seawater and geothermal energy
  • Solar thermal
  • Wood chip, pellet and powder combustion.

We can assist in all stages of project development, from analysis, feasibility studies, and technology assessments to project management, contract management, technical construction supervision, commissioning and operator training. Our services include impact assessment, fuel analysis, license applications, and follow up of other necessary government procedures.

With our extensive expertise and experience in all aspects related to distribution of district heating, we are able to take full responsibility for the construction and upgrade of whole systems, including boiler houses, distribution network, substations for heat distribution within buildings and manufacturing facilities. Norsk Energi also has experience in design and engineering of cogeneration plants, with associated distribution networks.

Norsk Energi provides leading experts in the development of control systems and process simulation. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and system reliability from the outset.