First in Norway certified as Energy Auditors

Wednesday, 30 November 2016.

Two of Norsk Energis consultants, Marie Haugen from the department of District Heating and Geir Aspelund from the Stavanger office, are now the first in Norway certified as Energy Auditors.

Marie Haugen og Geir Aspelund er nå sertifiserte energikartleggere. Marie Haugen and Geir Aspelund are now certified as Energy AuditorsMarie Haugen and Geir Aspelund are now certified as Energy Auditors. The certification is a regulatory requirement in all EU countries to carry out energy audits in large enterprises. There will probably also be a requirement for the certification in Norway, if or when we implement the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. Haugen and Aspelund participated in a preparation course for the certification in Stockholm, organized by the Swedish HVAC Association (Energy och Miljötekniska Föreningen). Sweden has established this certification course as part of the implementation of the energy efficiency directive.

The course dealt with the implementation of energy audits based on current standards and industry experiences. Topics included a review of legislation, obstacles and driving forces for energy management, profitability calculations, energy efficiency in transport companies, heating and cooling systems, energy efficiency in production processes (pumps, fans, steam, compressed air, etc.) and energy efficiency in buildings.

The course was followed by a 6-hours exam, divided in a more general part and a case assignment. The case assignment consisted of, according to Haugen and Aspelund, relatively complicated calculations of the kind one would expect to encounter in an energy audit.

As far as we know, Marie Haugen and Geir Aspelund are the first in Norway with this certification. The certification is valid for five years, but with demands for annual reporting of conducted energy audits and increased competence in the field.

Contact: Marie Haugen or Geir Aspelund