Association of energy users and energy producers

In addition to being a consultancy, Norsk Energi is an association of energy consumers and energy producers in Norway.

Norsk Energi has around 90 members from large and medium sized companies, as well as public administration. This makes the association of Norsk Energi a centre of expertise for all questions related to the production and use of thermal energy.

The association was established in 1916 under the name ‘Norsk Dampkjelforening’ (Norwegian Steam Boiler Association), with the task of collecting knowledge on energy issues in one place. The Association’s current mission, is primarily to promote fuel efficiency, safety and environmental protection for its members, within the field of thermal energy.

Companies get a range of benefits from membership, including:

  • Annual visit from experts from Norsk Energi, where the plant is reviewed, or agreed issues are explored. The visit is followed up by a written report developed by Norsk Energi.
  • Member meetings with presentations and knowledge exchange on topical issues.
  • Subscription to the magazine "Norsk Energi".
  • Discounts on Norsk Energi courses and seminars.