Norsk Energi Magazine


The first issue of ’Norsk Energi’ was published in July 1923, and since then the magazine has been published quarterly each year. ‘Norsk Energi’ is primarily a magazine for industrial energy users in Norway, however, also has many subscribers in Ministries, agencies, consulting firms, research institutions, district heating companies, bio-fuel and waste companies, to name a few.

‘Norsk Energi’ focuses on specific projects and useful technical information in the areas of energy, environment and safety.

borchsenius_fThe magazine is, and has always been, an effective advertising forum for suppliers of heating equipment who want to reach decision makers in the purchasing process.

The ’Norsk Energi’ magazine is a product of Norsk Energi, who have editorial responsibility for the content.

The subscription department can be contacted by telephone on (+47) 22 70 83 14, or (+47) 22 70 83 15 if you wish to subscribe. Otherwise you can obtain a free trial copy of the magazine by contacting the editor, Hans Borchsenius

Please note, ‘Norsk Energi’ is published in Norwegian.