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Norsk Energi is active in developing countries and countries with economies in transition providing services and aid in the fields of expertise of Norsk Energi. A separate international department is established to represent Norsk Energi internationally. The services provided are studies and policy advisory services in the field of energy and environment, capacity building on sustainable use of energy and project development. The beneficiaries of our international projects are local energy and environmental authorities, energy utilities, industry, NGOs, local engineers and educational institutions. The projects are either development aid projects funded by Norwegian Government or commercial projects for private clients or International Financing Institutions/Mechanisms such as NEFCO, EBRD, World Bank, UNDP and USAID.

Norsk Energi has implemented a number of capacity building programs on topics such as:

  • Cleaner production and energy efficiency in industry
  • Energy management and energy auditing in industry
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for Hydropower
  • Business planning for climate projects
  • Carbon Financing: CDM and JI
  • Petroleum sector development

Historically the main geographic focus of Norsk Energi internationally has been Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus, while the recent years we have also implemented projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and China. In all our projects we work closely with local consultants knowing local conditions, and who secure a wider benefit of the project by conducting project monitoring or further disseminate the gained knowledge.

Norsk Energi’s international portfolio is managed by the department for Environment and Climate Change.