Establishing effective HSE routines

Norsk Energi can assist both small and large businesses in the development of Health Safety and Environment (HSE) management systems. We know the regulations and have extensive experience in establishment of effective HSE routines and practices.

According to regulation related to health, safety and environment (HSE regulations), the persons responsible for a business are required to implement systematic monitoring systems for health, safety and environment. This system should be developed with cooperation with employees and their representatives, and routines must be communicated and documented. All areas of the business should therefore have written descriptions of:

  • Goals the company has set regarding health safety and environment;
  • Organisational chart for the company, including delegation of HSE roles and responsibilities;
  • Methods for conducting risk assessments (letters, reports, measurement of results etc.);
  • Details of awareness campaign for HSE, including timelines and responsible persons;
  • Procedures for handling errors and oversights; and
  • Procedural reviews to ensure system integrity.

An effective HSE internal management system is essential instrument to ensure problems are identified and managed in a timely manner. Internal control is essential for quality assurance.