Overall consultant for the selection of hot-oil systems

elkem_lista_wHot-oil systems are used extensively in industry both for heating and cooling of processes. Such systems can achieve temperatures of up to 280oC with mineral oils and 400oC with synthetic oils.

In addition to being able to operate at higher temperatures, utilising hot-oil also allows the system to operate at a low pressure. The oil also doesn’t have the associated problems of corrosion or scaling, or ice formation and frost damage.

Norsk Energi has considerable experience as advisor for selection and design of hot-oil systems. We can provide expertise including:

  • Selection of heating media based on required temperature ranges;
  • Design based on pressure, temperature and flow rates;
  • Boiler selection; and
  • Selection of insulation, heat traps and seals.

We perform process modelling under different operational conditions, as well as assisting in the drafting of process flow-sheets and calculations associated with high temperature, high pressure equipment. All calculations are conducted in accordance with government requirements and regulations.

In the planning of large, complicated facilities, we can also undertake dynamic modelling, to ensure all operating conditions can be simulated and optimised before process design is finalised.