Improved environmental standards in Kazakhstan

Tuesday, 02 September 2014.

On request by the World Bank and the Ministry of Environment in Kazakhstan, Norsk Energi has commissioned an analysis of current environmental management practices, and proposed policy measures to improve the air pollution situation in Kazakhstan.

Et uttrykk vi ofte hører i Kazakhstan er «The Green Economy Consept». Myndighetene har store ambisjoner om å få bedre kontroll med luftforurensningene, og de er derfor meget interessert i å lære hvordan myndigheter og industri håndterer miljøutfordringene her i Norge, sier Norsk Energis prosjektleder Sergei Faschevsky. - A pharse we often hear in Kazakhstan is «The Green Economy Concept». The government has large ambitions to better control the air pollution, an it is therefore very interested in learning how government and industry handle environmental challenges here in Norway, told Sergei Faschevsky, the project manager from Norsk Energi. Kazakhstan is a country with a significant heavy industry. Air pollution of both industrial and urban areas is significant, a situation that causes public concern. Strong economic growth in recent years makes the situation with industrial pollution ever precarious.

The authorities believe that this pollution has serious consequences for people's health, and has therefore set a target for reducing the industrial air pollution. A long-term plan for environmental improvement for the period 2013-2020, includes a number of objectives and measures for different sectors of society. They call this plan "The Green Growth Economy Concept".

In practice, the Green Growth Economy Concept among other things calls for modernizing environmental management practices across the industry. This includes a more modern system for applications for and granting of discharge permits, systems for fast self-reporting by industry and systems for environmental statistics and open publication of environmental information.

World Bank involved Norsk Energi into this work in 2013, and the official report is now published on the World Bank website in both English and Russian.

The report, titled "Towards Cleaner Industry and Improved Air Quality Monitoring in Kazakhstan", has been prepared by the World Bank, the Ministry of Environment in Kazakhstan, Norwegian Energy and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has analyzed the air pollution situation and Norsk Energi prepared analysis of environmental policy and proposed specific measures to make it more consistent and effective, and to ensure that environmental regulations is closer to what is common practice in European countries. From Norsk Energi the team has consisted of Sergei Faschevsky and Esben Tonning Otterlei with the assistance from Lars Petter Bing from the Norwegian Environment Directorate and the Ukrainian environmental expert Dmitry Laznenko.

Contact: Sergei Faschevsky

By: Hans Borchsenius