Environmental consulting, assessment and accounting

Norsk Energi delivers the whole spectrum of environmental consulting services, from environmental analysis to development of environmental accounting and reporting systems.

A comprehensive environmental accounting system is essential to obtain an overview of a company’s environmental performance and carbon footprint. Additionally, the system also provides a basis for the identification of abatement measures, as well as leading to cost savings in the business. Environmental accounting also provides the required documentation for recognising improvements in environmental performance.

In addition to tracking a company’s carbon footprint, environmental accounting also tracks an array of other environmental parameters, such as; particulate emissions, NOx emissions, resource consumption and waste generation. The system, therefore, gives a more in depth insight into the company’s environmental performance than a straight carbon footprint. All work is undertaken using approved standards and models, and Norsk Energi has developed a tool which allows for environmental accounting to be presented visually.

Norsk Energi is able to lead the whole process for the development of an environmental accounting system, including undertaking the necessary analysis as well as training of key employees.