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Get the correct environmental advice

Environment and climate change are two key areas within Norsk Energi. With extensive expertise and experience in climate and environmental consulting, we assist both Norwegian and international companies in improving their environmental performance in a profitable and effective manner.

As consultants, we work in with all aspects associated with climate and environmental projects, from environmental impact assessments and studies to design, contract evaluations, control systems, training and documentation. Our activities also include research assignments.

Our climate and environmental services are actively used by Norwegian industrial and energy companies, government departments and international institutions.

Our main services are:

  • Climate change strategy and carbon footprinting
  • Environmental consulting and accounting
  • Environmental management
  • Environmental analysis and cleaner production
  • JI and CDM projects
  • Licensing applications
  • Impact assessments
  • Combustion optimisation
  • Dispersion modelling of emissions to air
  • Waste incineration and treatment plants; studies, design etc.
  • Noise measurements, assessments and noise minimisation projects.