Within the Automation department at Norsk Energi, we have specialised knowledge and skills on control, regulation and monitoring of thermal processes in both the industrial and district heating sectors. We have extensive experience in consulting, planning, design, implementation, commissioning and training within:


  • Automation systems;
  • Process communication;
  • Safety systems;
  • Dynamic simulations; and
  • System optimisation.

The company is renowned for placing a strong emphasis on the delivery of well-integrated systems; where each component is evaluated holistically with regard to the entire process. A strong understanding of process coupled with extensive automation expertise, result in the delivery of cost effective solutions and operations. The keywords in system design are; low energy consumption, reduced emissions, minimal down-time and systems which is easy to monitor and control over time.

Dynamic simulation of thermal processes is an effective decision-making tool, giving increased insight and understanding of the process. Through mathematical modelling, new ideas and alternative solutions can be tested in a resource-effective manner.

Another important service offered by the company, is the development of technical specifications, tender documentation, as well as assistance in contract negations, signing and monitoring of delivery and commissioning.

Our client list includes a large number of district heating companies, from large customers such as Hafslund Fjernevarme AS and BKK Varme, to smaller facilities in Stryn and Molde.

Within the process industry, we work primarily with steam and hot oil systems and boilers, for such industries as the oil and gas sector, pulp and paper industry and metallurgical processes.