Profitable, energy efficient solutions

Energy efficiency is a core focus of Norsk Energi. We specialise in industrial energy efficiency, off-shore facilities and energy systems in commercial and other large buildings. A broad knowledge base and extensive experience, means we can assist in all phases of project development, including:

  • Mapping and analysing energy and production data;
  • Development of effective energy management systems; and
  • Designing optimal energy efficient solutions.

Norsk Energi emphasises finding holistic solutions between a range of factors, such as process optimisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy generation. Today’s energy prices and environmental regulations mean investing in such solutions is becoming increasingly profitable. We also assist in documentation development, such that required for Enova funding..

Within the building sector, we combine our expertise in the production and distribution of district heating, with specialised knowledge on waterborne heating systems. We can also assist with concept development for low-energy buildings, preparing tender documentation, commissioning or testing facilities and undertaking calculations and documentation development.