Energy recovery in China

Friday, 06 November 2015.

Norsk Energi has done a concept study of energy recovery for Beijing Bluestar Energy Conservation Investment Co, at the smelting plant in Yongdeng, China.

The smelting plant is located in Yongdeng, Lanzhou region, in the northern part of China. In the level of 2200 m above sea level, Bluestar produce Silica in four furnaces. Regarding to a possible upgrade of the plant, heat recovery with power generation is considered. Elkem (which is owned by Bluestar) is involved to consider the furnaces and Norsk Energi study the possibility for heat recovery.

In the concept study Norsk Energi came with suggestion of plant configuration of the energy plant. The waste heat recovery boilers are most often the most technical challenging in cases like this. Other main equipment are steam turbine, condenser, feed water tank and cooling tower. The plant will generate about 17 MW in electricity, which gives higher plant efficiency.

- It is many of these kind of heat recovery plants in China, but the plants have often low efficiency and low operation time. Norsk Energi have many reference projects in heat recovery and power generation in both new and existing plants, and our experience is coveted in China, Ronny Valjord says, head of Industry Department in Norsk Energi.

- In this project we had the opportunity to assist in an early stage of the project, and will ensure that the plant can be designed in the best way, based in our experience, Ronny says.

Contact: Ronny Valjord

Beijing Bluestar Energy Conservation Invstment Co sitt smelteverk i Yongdeng i Kina. Foto: Ronny ValjordThe smelting plant of Beijing Bluestar Energy Conservation Investment Co in Yongdeng, China. Photo: Ronny Valjord