Department Gjøvik

Staff at the branch office at Gjøvik assists local and other principalsindustry customers in all three areas covered in the Norsk Energi: energy, environment and safety. The Gjøvik office carry out a lot of assignments related to energy efficiency, energy and environmental management and improvement of the steam and condensate systems. The department's employees collectively cover a wide field of competence within the thermal energy. If necessary, we cooperate closely with the Norwegian Energy's other departments. Norsk Energi in Gjøvik: Strand Street 13 A, 2815 Gjøvik - phone +47 22 06 18 00, +47 61 13 19 10

Tveiten, Jon Tveiten, Jon

Administrerende direktør

Ulland, Oddbjørn Ulland, Oddbjørn

Principal consultant

Myklestad, Hans Magnus Myklestad, Hans Magnus

Senior consultant, Deputy head of department

Wadahl, Stian Wadahl, Stian

Senior consultant

Sandvold, Knut Sandvold, Knut

Principal consultant

Stensby, Jan Erik Stensby, Jan Erik

Senior consultant