Mapping and reducing your ‘carbon footprint’

There is increasing market pressure on businesses to account for their impact on the environment, their ‘carbon footprint’. Development of a climate-change strategy and carbon footprint has become a profitable investment, due to factors such as green profiling and increasing energy costs. Norsk Energi has extensive experience in this field and has developed climate-change strategies and carbon footprint for some of Norway’s leading companies. We use approved analysis and reporting methods, which ensures correct and verifiable documentation at all stages.

Importantly, Norsk Energi has a methodology which can be used by both large and small process companies under emissions trading scheme. klimastrategi_artikelWork is generally performed in three stages:

1. Mapping of the company’s greenhouse gas emissions;

2. Preparation of action plan; and

3. Implementation of identified abatement measures.

In step 1, it’s important to encompass the entire value chain of the business to identify all the company’s emissions sources and evaluate which are most significant.

This task requires significant expertise in environmental accounting.

The second step includes determining the goal for the company. How ‘green’ does the company wish to be? When should the abatement measures be implemented? And importantly, are the plans realistic?

For the implementation of abatement measures in the third step, it’s important to allocate sufficient resources and to measure achieved results as a basis for further progress.